Professional career - Instructor at Traditional Arts NANUM center, Korea National University Of Arts (2014 ~ 2017) - Instructor at Korea National Institute for the Gifted in Arts (2017) - Instructor at DOYAC.com, Online learning site (2017) *Sample lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtidazQnHD8&feature=share - Instructor of Gugak fusion play 'manmanpapayongpiri' at National Gugak Center (2017) *Gugak: Korean traditional music - Teaching assistant at School of Korean Traditional Arts of Korea National University Of Arts

(2016-2017) - Performer of Hwaum Music Festival performance (2016) - Performer of Konkuk university medical center concert (2015) - Instructor at Gugak National high school (2015) - Solo of Gurye Hyangje Julpungnyu Training Center 'old future' (2015) *Gurye Hyangje Julpungnyu is an important intangible cultural property - Instructor at Gurye Hyangje Julpungnyu Training Center 'old future' (2014-2015) - Solo of Traditional Arts NANUM center concert (2014) *Nanum: sharing - <Various kinds of concert> invited performance 'Korean Music Project' (2013) - Performer of 'work in progress' Munrae Art Factory <Jung·Ji·Hyang> performance (2013) - Performer of 2011 UNAI(UN Academic Impact) invited performance (2011)


- Arts Bachelor's Degree of School of Korean Traditional Arts, Korea National University - Master's Degree of College of Music Seoul National University