KIM CHAN MI, piano

Kim chan mi was born in Jeonju, Korea in 1988, and began leaning piano at age of 7. She studied at Jeonnam University with SoonYoug You and HeongJoun Jong, and 2010 graduate degreed and  she studied at Jeonnam University with heonok moon 2013 Master’s degreed.

performed with Uno chamber Orchestra 2009 and Jeonju national Philharmonic Orchestra 2013.
piano recital in Jeonman art hall, jeonju Sori arts center 2012. And woojin art center 2016.

Won the Winner at the ‘Korean culture Association music Competition’. 2009
1st prize at the ‘The pianist piano Competition’. 2009
Winner at the ‘Sori arts center solist Competition’.2012
1st prize ‘Korea Mozart competition’ .2016
5st prized ‘The 3rd Hongkong international competition’.2016